Construction Industry License
Factory Registration Certificate (Pyeongtaek)
Factory Registration Certificate (Siheung)
Ancillary laboratory authentication certificate
Confirmation of venture businesses
Confirmation of innobiz
Confirmation of Korean strong small business
Selected as one of Korean youth strong businesses
Selected as oen of promising small companies
Certificate of direct production for elevators sector
Certificate of direct production for maintenance sector
Patent of prevention of eccentric deviation for elevators
Certificate of Quality Management System
Certificate of Environmental Mangement System
Patent, safe entry guide system
Patent, elevator rail construction method
Patent, elevator horizontal balancer
Patent, home position clamping and emergency brake gear for the prevention of elevator deflection
Patent, elevator emergency escape system
Patent, prevention of elevator deflection and eccentric deviation
Patent, car entry control system
Patent, onboard safety-inducing elevator
Control panel certificate
Control panel certificate
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and variosu patents in terms of elevator rail construction method,
horizontal balancer, emergency escape system, etc.