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Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Purpose) This agreement is concluded with an aim to stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities of users and the website with regards to the usage of Internet related services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) on the website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) provided by Green Elevator Co., Ltd.

Article 2 (Definition)

① “Website” refers to a virtual business site as well as an operator who runs the Website where the goods are traded using communication facilities to provide the end-users with the goods and services (hereinafter referred to as “Goods”) by Green Elevator Co., Ltd.

② “End-users” refer to members and non-members who are provided with Services from Website according to the terms and conditions.

③ A “Member” refers to a user who is registered on the Website and allowed to use all the Services on the Website.

④ A “Non-member” refers to a user who uses the Services on the Website without registering.

Article 3 (Description and Revision of Terms and Conditions)

① “Website” shows the overview of important informationㅡthe content of the terms and conditions, name of the company, name of CEO, address of office (including the address of customer center), telephone number, fax number, business registration number, personal information manager, etc. on the initial service screen (front page). However, the terms and conditions could be displayed via connecting screen by the users.

② “Website” shall request the confirmation of users by providing them with a separate screen or pop-up screen to allow them to understand the important information on the revocation of subscription, responsibility of delivery, refund terms, etc. that are stipulated in the terms and conditions prior to the agreement of the terms and conditions by the users.

③ “Website” is subject to changes to the extent that it does not violate the laws including 「Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc」, 「Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act」, 「Framework Act on Electronic Documents and Transactions」, 「The Electronic Financial Transaction Act」, 「Digital Signature Act」, 「Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.」, 「Enforcement Decree of the Door-to-Door Sales, etc. Act」, 「Framework Act on Consumers」 and other related laws.

④ In the event that this “Website” is revised, the information on the enforcement date and the justifiable reason shall be displayed on the main page at least seven (7) days prior to the changes. However, in case that those changes are unfavorable to the users, they shall be notified at least thirty (30) days prior to the changes. In this case, “Website” shall display the information clearly by comparing the existing information with the revised version.


⑤ In the event that “Website” revises the terms and conditions, the revised terms and conditions shall only be applied to the contracts signed after the enforcement date and the previous ones are applied to the contracts signed before the enforcement date. However, the newly revised articles shall be applied to the extent that the user confirms the fact and sends his/her approval of revision to the “Website” before the enforcement date defined under Article 3, the revised terms and conditions shall precede.

⑥ Any issues and the interpretations of them that are not stipulated in this terms and conditions shall follow Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc, Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, consumer protection regulations in electronic commerce reguated by Korea Fair Trade Commission and related laws as well as the industrial practices.