Parking System
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Refer to Green Elevator's parking system if you want to have troubles in moving the vehicles to underground parking lots.
Parking system with various safety device will move the customers and the vehicles safetly from the building etry to the parking lot.

Characteristics of Green Elevator’s parking system.
01. You can park 5-20 vehicles in parking space for 2 vehicles.
02. It is an innovative parking facility that optimally utilize the existing space probably 3.5 to 10 times wider.
03. Easily controllable that you might not need anyone to park your car.
04. Expeditely stores and release vehicles even during the night very quietly.
05. Lowest failiure rate among parking equipment.
06. Easily expandable or movable that is suitable for extension work or alteration of the purpose of building use.
07. Suitable for the buildings of the downtown with limited parking space such as apartments, department stores, restaurants, hospitals, motels, etc.